The next re-test will be January 15th (SCI) and January 16th (SS).

Review material is located on your eCLASS page under the course name LHS Gateway Intervention Page. Students can review content and see sample essays on this page.

In addition to the on-line review, we will schedule optional after school tutoring sessions the week prior to the January retest:

January 7th and 8th - review sessions in Media Center 2:30PM-4:00PM.

January 9th and 10th - review sessions in Media Center 2:30PM-4:00PM.

SENIORS- you need to make sure you log any intervention hours if you work on eCLASS over the break. Turn logs into Mrs. Burrell so those hours can be entered. You will need 10 hours logged to be eligible for the Gateway Alternate- in case you need it in February.